31 March 2020

Roto-leash Vs. Elastic leash

Hello! Today we are dealing with a topic that arises every time a new kiter comes to mine. The argument is the roto-leash eleash elastic speech and their danger. As an instructor IKO and VDWS are well aware that there are federations that consider the use of these two objects advised against. These bodies have made their assessments. I, in this article, allow myself to do mine.

I fully agree with these federations that the elastic leash is extremely dangerous and the use of the helmet does not in any way solve the problem. An elastic leash that is charged with kinetic energy due to the resistance of the board will release its energy by throwing the board against the body of the kiter. The fins of the table can be transformed into blunt objects ready to tear the skin even under the suit.

Another speech is the Roto-leash. Let me be clear, they do not pay me for what I am writing. The spring system and the NON-elastic buckle guarantee that for no reason the board can return violently to the kiter. The mechanical system only helps to bring the board closer when, with the zenith kite, the rider helps the rewinding of the buckle. I make a clarification: this object was not invented to avoid beginners to know the body-drag technique. This serves both to recover the table but also serves in many other situations. For example, if the wind has abruptly decreased and it is no longer possible to navigate on the board and it is therefore necessary to recover the windward beach possibly also using the board to create a narrower windward angle.

Some kiters suggest that if the board were to “get stuck somewhere” the roto-leash buckle would go live and the kiter would be pulled by the kite on one side and bound on the other. First of all, let us specify that above a certain tension the buckle is designed to tear. Secondly, being in a spot where there may be objects on the water that can block the table is dangerous in itself. You should not even think about practicing in such a place. In conclusion, I believe the roto-leash is an object of great intelligence, a beautiful invention especially in those spots where, due to the question of currents, it retrieves the board in a good body-drag technique can become difficult. Elastic band absolutely not recommended is DANGEROUS helmet or not helmet. I hope that this article stimulates a friendly debate. You are always ready to listen, always ready to improve, always ready to change your mind if there are good / good reasons to do itLeave your comments, it will be a pleasure to meet you and reply. Hello soon.


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