31 March 2020

Set-up the kite for the KTS40 lift service

A video to learn the correct procedure to arm the kite in anticipation of a boat trip with KTS40

Below, step by step, the steps for the correct technique to arm the kite:

  1. Spread the kite with the struts facing upwards.
  2. Put the bridles of the kite “clear”.
  3. Spread the lines and position the bar with the “red on the left”.
  4. Connect the lines to the bridles.
    Bring the kite tips to the center.
  5. Roll the kite from the ends towards the center.
  6. Fold the kite in three parts starting from the leading edge.
  7. Put the kite back in the bag.
  8. Rest the chicken loop on the bar.
  9. Roll the lines around the bar.
  10. Lock the lines on the bar.
  11. Insert the bar into the bag with the side of the bar where the lines “enter” upwards.
  12. Close the bag zipper to prevent the bar from coming out.

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