31 March 2020

Kitesurfing on Lake Como


Lake Como with all its countries has always been used as an industrial lake. Since 2000 things have started to change. The northern part of the lake has opened up to sport tourism both on land (cycling and walking) and water (windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing). Over the years we have seen a steady increase in Swiss and German tourism facilitated by the territorial proximity of these two nations. Over the years, even the Milan metropolitan area began to appreciate the weekends at the lake. In 2005 the first kitesurfing school of the lake opened and from there more and more fans fell in love with this spot.


The kitesurf spot and windsurfing is really wide: it extends from Colico, passing through Domaso to Dervio for the whole width. Because of the steep cliffs there are few beaches where you can go out on your own. These places positioned small in relation to the wind and small in size may not be easy for kiters with little experience. The solution is to rely on a kitesurf center that offers the LIFT SERVICE.


In this lake the predominant wind is the Breva, a thermal wind that blows from the south from early afternoon until sunset with an intensity of 15-18 knots .The morning in the absence of wind and flat water the lake becomes an ideal place to practice long excursions in canoe or SUP.


The Breva is a purely summer thermal wind. Despite being surrounded by high mountains in the summer months the temperatures of water and air are pleasant. A normal wetsuit will be more than enough to spend hours and hours practicing your favorite sport.


A light chop that does not bother freestyle maneuvers or quiet freeride, the high seabed from ample space to race boards and hydrofoil. water is sweet and clean, there are no hidden floating objects.


In the warmer months and on weekends the few beaches used for kitesurfing fill out enormously. Their side and on position, small size and overcrowding can turn a pleasant afternoon of sport into an experience that recalls Milan’s rush-hour streets. The solution to this situation is the Lift Service. An equipped boat will take you to the lake in the most windy point. At this point you will be free to ride in the best wind conditions, but always staying close to the support boat that will provide you with free assistance whenever we need it, if the sail falls or the wind stops we don’t have to worry because the our boat to get up the kite or recover.


Lake Como has no particular dangers. We only need to pay attention to the various sailing boats and the ferry that crosses the lake, however no accidents have ever occurred and everyone respects the priorities, the harbor master’s office is always in the area for control and rescue. Attention only to the sky, due to the conformation of the surrounding mountains there may be thunderstorms that occur in a few minutes, in this there is an enormous help in the service of the lift boat because as soon as dangerous conditions arise you will be warned and recovered immediately. There are no dangerous currents or vortices, all in the norm , the lake is shallow and the water is quiet.


The most accurate weather station is on the site, it is owned by an albregatore-kiter who has decided to make its data available to the community. KTS40 kite center, offers kite and windsurf school services followed by certified instructors with individual lessons in Italian, English and German, we followed a in class and we would like to advise you, individual lessons, a lot of theory and instructional videos help those who want to learn how to do it in total safety, besides you can really rent everything: windsurfing windsurfing on bikes and riding alongside there is a restaurant overlooking the lake really great. The site of the kite center is: localhost and the number +39 320-4627996The accommodations in the Municipality of Colico and in the nearby Municipality of Dervio are not lacking but, if you want to “live all day and evenings in the company of the team of KTS40 ”we suggest you to choose the Camping Residence Green Village. ( where you can also eat in his restaurant. The KTS40 Center is located inside the lake view.

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