31 March 2020

Kite EVO vs Pivot bar feeling

Ok guys today the first comparative video of the history of KTS40.

Let’s compare the new 2018 North EVO and the Pivot 2018 Naish.

In reality this comparison arises from the desire to understand above all why North, all North kites compared to other leading companies such as Nash on the bar are softer ie driving the North is less tiring.

Obviously they are personal observations, personal assessments are not an aeronautical engineer.

But already comparing them deflated are both 12 square meters what appears obvious

it is the much deeper Pivot. The wing rope is much longer and consequently more squat while the EVO is narrower and longer.

Obviously the longer wing chord creates a greater flow of the wing flux is therefore a greater Bernoulli effect on the Nash than on the North.

This is certainly justified by the fact that the Pivot is a kite with more towing than EVO.

From swollen the differences are even more evident. The Naish is much more convex, the struts are convex while on the North they are substantially straight tubulars.

I would compare them to aircraft wings. The North has a profile of a wing of an extremely flat jet that will surely give it extremely fast flight characteristics but little driving. Less driving than a Naish, which instead with this convex shape certainly creates more lift. The kite will fly a little slower but will definitely have more driving capacity.

Returning to the reason for this video is to understand why on the bar the North are softer than the Naish, probably, this factor also influences in this direction and certainly also how wide the rope is near the tip of the kite. The chord near the tip of the Naish is very large than that of the North.

So this feeling is explained that I have is that many have a softer bar on the North than on the Naish.

I make a clarification in a hard bar. Obviously the tired coffin

much less than a hard bar but what is fundamental for me on a kite is the feeling that the kite transmits through the trapeze.

Often it can happen that extremely soft kites on the bar give a feeling on the kite on the not optimal trapeze the feeling is a little softened a bit muffled.

I tried the North feel very good even on the trapeze.

I must say that in the last few years that I use the Naish you can take a measure less. Surely this driving ability can be transformed into choosing a size

a few meters smaller than the standard.

I am equipping myself with ten pivot because the 12 actually pulls a lot even with the light wind.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

You can comment on your feelings.

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