31 March 2020

Discover the KTS40 Schuttle Service

  1. What is the minimum requirement for use of the lift service? In order to use this service the kiter has to be able to go upwind and know the emergency and self-rescue techniques.
  2. What size kite and what clothing is advised? The average wind intensity on Lake Como is approximately 15 knots. The recommended kite size for an averagely built person is between 12 and 13 sq.m. It is always possible to bring two different sized kites on board the boat. With regard to clothing, a wetsuit with a thickness of 5/3mm is advisable in all seasons. In the warmer months a short wetsuit can be worn.
  3. What alternatives does KTS40 offer if conditions aren’t suitable for the lift service? If the wind isn’t strong enough for kitesurfing, our centre offers other sporting activities such as canoeing, SUP, windsurfing, catamaran sailing and the Cable Park (
  4. What time does the lift service start? The lift service begins as soon as the wind conditions look right. The client should always be at the centre with the right equipment ready by 1pm.
  5. How many lift services are available per day? There is just one.
  6. How long is the lift service? The duration of this service depends exclusively on the constancy of the wind and your own physical resistance.
  7. What are you allowed to do once you’re in the water? For a full answer to this question please read “Lift Rules and Regulations”.
  8. What time does the lift service stop? There is no specific time. As long as there’s enough wind, clients who wish to continue practising can remain in the water.
  9. How many people can the boat take out? The maximum number is 16. It is advisable to book ahead for weekends.
  10. Can equipment be hired? How much does it cost? All the kitesurfing gear is hireable. You must stipulate what equipment you need and specify your weight when booking the lift service. For prices please see the section “Hiring Equipment”:
  11. Do you have to book in advance? It’s certainly advisable at weekends.
  12. What time do we have to be at the school? At 1pm with all your equipment ready. On your first day, or if you need to hire anything, it’s best to be there an hour beforehand.
  13. How do you prepare the kitesurfing kit that is to be taken on the boat? On arrival at the centre, the instructors will show you exactly how to prepare the equipment that you’ll use from the boat.
  14. Is it possible to interrupt a session and then go back to it after a break on the boat? In order to have complete control over all the learners in water, it is not possible to temporarily suspend a lesson unless there’s someone else still on the boat who accepts to take your place and use your equipment.

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