Windsurfing is a technical sport that requires extremely solid foundations.
Precisely for this reason KTS40 focused in creating courses that follow the philosophy of understanding and knowing how to do. In fact, every lesson regardless of the level is always made up of a succession of small steps, each composed of a theoretical part and a practical part. Even in courses for children, while not neglecting the aspect playing-technical, there have been adopted methods to achieve an effective learning environment so that the young learner can then improve without undue effort.


  1. A staff of professional experts who are all VDWS certified.
  2. Teaching methods perfected over the years.
  3. Flexible days and times for all the courses.
  4. Teaching manuals with clear illustrations.
  5. Teaching aids created to facilitate learning.
  6. Video filming during lessons to help analyze progress and understand what needs improving.
  7. Perfect locations for beginners with a large area of shallow water which is protected from strong winds.
  8. Use of a rubber dinghy to allow easy exit from a bay where the wind is constantly stronger and radio helmets for the advanced lessons.
  9. Use of riding simulators.
  10. Teaching Methods Developed Specifically for Children Aged 5 – 8.

The KTS40WindRevolution center, affiliated to VDWS, can issue VDWS patents. The VDWS Base License certifies your skills internationally. This will allow you to rent windsurf equipment all over the world. This license documents your sporting path in a clear and simple way. Even those who have already practiced windsurfing for years, have the opportunity to achieve this certification.

PROMO GROUPS OF 3 PEOPLE. Groups of at least three people who will buy the same number of lessons and will use it on the same dates will have an additional 10% discount.

For our younger students the technical and theoretical part will be transmitted in the form of play by adopting methods that are more suited to their age. These methodologies will guarantee a constant level of attention throughout the duration of the lesson. For more information please contact us.

Our didactic path

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Test Day 1 hour

A unique opportunity to find out if Windsurf will be your new passion.

>> Insurance, affiliation included.
>> All material included.

Single lesson 2 hours


Decide with the instructors on what you want to improve.

>> Insurance and affiliation included.
>> All material included.
>> Theoretical and practical lesson.
>> Use educational videos.
>> Use of the boat to move to the most suitable lake area if necessary.

Basic Course 4 hours


>> Insurance, affiliation and materials included.
>> Pull up the sail, basic position, start.
>> haul cast off the sail.
>> Rotation.
>> Self-rescie.
>> Position sailing, beam reach.
>> Setting to make a tack: close hauled.
>> Radio helmet use.
>> Use of the boat to move to the most suitable lake area if necessary.

Intermediate course 6 hours


>> insurance , affiliation and material
>> Setting to make a tack: close hauled.
>> Improvement the tack, navigation to close hauled – beam – board and eventually down wind.
>> Radio helmet use.
>> Use of the boat to move to the most suitable lake areaif necessary.

Advanced course 8 hours


>> insurance , affiliation and material.
>> Navigation, tack and jibe with medium wind.
>> Sailing point with boom forword.
>> Harness.
>> Radio helmet use.
>> Use of the boat to move to the most suitable lake area if necessary.



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