The course is run by qualified IKO and VDWS instructors and is divided into 2 parts. The theory lesson lasts about two hour and includes use of multimedia and videos to illustrate the exercises that are later carried out in water. The individual practical lesson lasts approximately one hour and makes use of radio helmets.
In collaboration with Naish and Prolimit, KTS40 supplies all the equipment free of charge for the whole duration of the course.
During the months when the water is colder, the school also provides drysuits, footwear and neoprene gloves.

Program of the first day

Morning theory: 2 hrs

1.Orientation regarding wind and space : the importance of using your eyes.
2.Perfecting body posture with your feet on the board.
3.How to regulate the line stoppers in order to correctly position the control bar along the depower line.
4.Positioning the kite for a good water start.
5.Perfecting your downwind technique.
6Correct movement of the bar along the depower line.
7.The importance of using your eyes and the biomechanical pressure of your heels on the board.
8.Experimenting with the simulator.

Afternoon practice: 1 hrs

1.Shifting weight from the nose of the board to the tail by raising the heel of your rear foot.
2.Veering windward.
3.Tacking: a zigzag course.

Program of the second day

Morning theory: 2 hrs

 9.Analysis and discussion about the previous lesson using videos shot and the simulator.
10.How different wing shapes work during navigation : notions of aerodynamics.
11.The board : a detailed analysis.
12.Giving right of way.
13.Sailing rules and regulations.

Afternoon practice: 1 hrs

4.Going upwind for more than 100m. with the kite fixed at 45°.
5.Going upwind using one hand with the kite at 45° in both directions for distances over 100m.


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