Kts40 offers an excellent lift service. We have a rigiv V hull boat powered by a Mercury Verado 225hp engine, which can take up to 16 people at a time, and is dedicated to the Lift service. Our lift service isnt just a mere transport service,t it allows the customer to practice in total serenity, with fun and safety guaranteed due to careful and constant monitoring by an instructor. We can take pictures, shoot video clips and give small but useful technical advice.



  1. What is the minimum requirement for use of the lift service? 
  2. What size kite and what clothing is advised? 
  3. What alternatives does KTS40 offer if conditions aren’t suitable for the lift service?
  4. What time does the lift service start? 
  5. How many lift services are available per day? 
  6. How long is the lift service? 
  7. What are you allowed to do once you’re in the water? 
  8. What time does the lift service stop? 
  9. How many people can the boat take out? 
  10. Can equipment be hired? 
  11. Do you have to book in advance?
  12. What time do we have to be at the school? 
  13. How do you prepare the kitesurfing kit that is to be taken on the boat? 
  14. Is it possible to interrupt a session and then go back to it after a break on the boat? 

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  1. Rigid mercury motorized deep V boats that can reach the windiest lake area in minutes.
  2. Fast and safe techniques for launch and recovery of the kite.
  3. A careful and constant monitoring by the operator to ensure maximum safety during practice.
  4. The possibility of awarding a Wind Down of 7 km.
  5. Equipment rental of the latest generation.

Came to Lago di Como for the first time. Kitesurfer :beginner: with some problems going upwind/turns… How lucky I was to meet Corrado and his team at KTS40. One interview, coaching on the water (few tips and advices) all I needed. I finally broke the spell and was finally able to spend an hour just cruising up and down without difficulties on Lago, you will get one of the most beautiful views I ever experienced kitesurfing.. Endorfins and adrenalin!! Grande! Grande Corrado. Many thanks for your time, a friendly (almost family like) atmosphere from the very first moment, must come back!! Take care! Grazie tutti! David

Facebook 18-07-2017

David Mudra

Hey Corrado, thank you very much for the perfect “guided Kiting”, it was a great afternoon with some good rides – and almost no people on the lake.
Also, thanks to Katie for the “mental support” on the boat. See you tomorrow for the next ride. 

Facebook 8-06-2017

Jorg Geiselhart


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