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What is a SUP? The abbreviation stands for Stand Up Paddle, you can practice SUP on waves as well as on flat water. It is done as an activity to prepare yourself for Windsurfing, as an aerobic activity, or as a way to relax and relieve daily stress. You can also use a SUP to go on beautiful excursions around the lake.


Our Basic Pro is the solution for everyone who loves to SUP, but doesn’t have the basic requirements to transport a conventional SUP board. Once you’ve arrived at the beach, just pump up the board with the pump included within no time, the inflation valves with delrin cap prevent the air from flowing out. The handle in the middle helps you to get the board an water. Due to the soft fins you can easily paddle in flat waters or in waves, there is no problem to keep on track.



The Free is an all-rounder in the SUP area. The new shape unites all of the all-round features, approves itself very well as a family board, with a volume of 350Liter and 330Liter it has plenty of working load.


The new All-round Air has been reshaped this year and is one of the newest free-ride boards in the line. The board is perfect for daily paddling, touring or fitness program. As the name All-round says it is suitable for all areas of the SUP sport.


The new Cross is a super all-rounder for the river and ocean SUP area. Its new shape and square tail make it a top seller in the new collection.


Pure fun to take away, that‘s our new F2 Ride! A toy that promises ultimate fun in touring and cruising. Whether at the lake, on the sea or on the river, the Ride has a sophisticated all-round shape that combines effortless gliding with easy maneuverability. We have also optimized the thickness of the Ride, which makes the board stiffer and more stable.


Ideal SUP for yoga and paddling in all water areas. Its wide nose and wide tail make this board extremely good-natured in all situations.


The new F2 Swell comes in wood look in our team and has already the stuff to be a warhorse. As an allround tourer, ideally suited for medium tours, it is sporty and lively and good for every fitness unit on the water. It turns much better than the straight-lined, pure sports tourer and is thus a bit more stable.


The F2 Team is an absolutely versatile inflatable board for stand up paddling. The Team comes in three different sizes, that everybody finds his right size. For stand-up paddling, the Team is designed with a low rocker and added thickness for directional stability and long glides. The ideal board for fun flat water cruising longboard style.

KTS40 is a keen advocate for SUPping, and has built its name up over the years as the go-to place on Lake Como. With certified VDWS instructors, we can now teach you all the little tricks to ensure a fun, efficient paddling technique, which will then allow you to discover Lake Como fron a new perspective.

Courses for beginners

During this course you will learn the basic paddling and balancing skills necessary to get up and going on your board. After a theoretical discussion on land, you can begin with some balancing exercises on the board in the water, until you feel confident enough to add in the paddle.

Courses for beginners 2° level

Once you have found your stability on the board and can paddle and do a basic turn, you will progress onto perfecting your paddling technique to increase efficiency and confidence on the board. You can also progress onto more advanced turning techniques and improve your overall agility on the board.


The duration of these excursions depends on the capacity of guests and also on the weather conditions. Normally we start when the wind is very low. Along the way there will be opportunities to stop at beaches reachable only by Lake. During excursion the instructor has the ability to give you good advice about posture, paddling and other little secrets of the SUP.


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