Dakhla: the winter spot of KTS40

Wind, shallow waters, waves and flat water. Here are the perfect conditions to enjoy a winter holiday in the sign of kitesurfing in a natural dream setting, where the desert of Western Sahara is reflected in the waters of a magical lagoon. KTS40WindRevolution, active since 2013, for 2018 offers you […]

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Discover the KTS40 Schuttle Service

What is the minimum requirement for use of the lift service? In order to use this service the kiter has to be able to go upwind and know the emergency and self-rescue techniques. What size kite and what clothing is advised? The average wind intensity on Lake Como is approximately […]

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Extraordinary maintenance of the kite

Hi everyone. Today I will discuss the topic of extraordinary maintenance of the kite that follows the video of routine maintenance. Extraordinary maintenance consists in adjusting the length of the bar lines. This maintenance recommends doing it at the beginning or end of the season. Basically what happens: using the […]

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Ordinary kite maintenance

Hello today, I want to talk to you about a subject that is not very well treated but which I consider extremely important: the ordinary maintenance of the kite. The kite is in effect a means of transport comparable to a car or moped and as such needs maintenance. Proper […]

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Roto-leash Vs. Elastic leash

Hello! Today we are dealing with a topic that arises every time a new kiter comes to mine. The argument is the roto-leash eleash elastic speech and their danger. As an instructor IKO and VDWS are well aware that there are federations that consider the use of these two objects […]

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